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Throughout the years, I've endeavored to share the wealth of knowledge and experiences gained from my journey through life via these blogs. Feel free to explore and immerse yourself in them as you see fit, finding inspiration and insights along the way.

Importance of good commit message

Explore the importance of concise commit messages and how commitizen streamlines the writing process, enhancing codebase clarity and collaboration.


May 1, 2024

Monthly Reads: Mar 2024

With the story of reuniting the siblings to "How to become a Straight-A student". Join me as we explore Academic insights and bid farewell to the gripping tales of Hossein.


Apr 14, 2024

Monthly Reads: Feb 2024

From the emotional exploration of friendship in "The Kite Runner" to the technical insights of "Modern Generative AI", finally culminating in yet another emotional tale of "A Thousand Splendid Suns". The month was a truly a romantic fervor of Khaleed Hossieni's narratives.


Mar 14, 2024

Monthly Reads: January 2024

This past month I read two novels. One offering insights on overcoming procrastination and the other a love story in amidst a mysterious plot.


Feb 10, 2024

I read 3 books this month

In this article, I share my journey to reading 1 page a day to reading 3 books a month. How this small step followed consistently led me to form an habit I'm grateful for in life.


Sep 2, 2023

Essential guide to Jupyter notebook

Discover all the essentials of Jupyter Notebook and unlock its full potential. Includes cheatsheet for both Windows & Mac users


July 22, 2023

What is MLOps

MLOps is a process of automating Machine Learning using DevOps methodologies.


May 21, 2023

Why I use Portainer.io ?

Running and managing Containers could never be this easy. Portainer.io is a Container Management System that is easy to install and easy to operate on your own for your local development.


May 28, 2022

Using command alias, to help your Dev workflow

Improve your Development workflow by shorten commonly used commands. And save yourself from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Mac / Linux and Windows users can follow this step-by-step guide, very easy to setup and be done with long typings of command


Sep 14, 2018