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I'm Santhosh Raju, software engineer and tech enthusiasts.

I like to Build, Blog and Share stuff I do everyday. I specialize in building Web Application, Websites & ML applications that scales. I'm minimalistic in communication channels, but I still would like to connect with everyone. Connect with me on LinkedIn, or check my work on Github.


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Importance of good commit message

Explore the importance of concise commit messages and how commitizen streamlines the writing process, enhancing codebase clarity and collaboration.


May 1, 2024

Monthly Reads: Mar 2024

With the story of reuniting the siblings to "How to become a Straight-A student". Join me as we explore Academic insights and bid farewell to the gripping tales of Hossein.


Apr 14, 2024

Monthly Reads: Feb 2024

From the emotional exploration of friendship in "The Kite Runner" to the technical insights of "Modern Generative AI", finally culminating in yet another emotional tale of "A Thousand Splendid Suns". The month was a truly a romantic fervor of Khaleed Hossieni's narratives.


Mar 14, 2024

Monthly Reads: January 2024

This past month I read two novels. One offering insights on overcoming procrastination and the other a love story in amidst a mysterious plot.


Feb 10, 2024

What are you working on ?

I'm excited to engage in a meaningful conversation with you! It would be wonderful to delve into the details of what you're currently working on and explore potential avenues for collaboration. I genuinely believe that by exchanging ideas and perspectives, we can discover synergies and create opportunities to work together towards shared goals or projects. So, please share your thoughts, aspirations, or any specific areas of interest, and let's explore how we can collaborate